How to Turn Off Annoying  Scrubby-Zoom in Adobe Photoshop CS5

How to Turn Off Annoying Scrubby-Zoom in Adobe Photoshop CS5

It used to be pretty easy, if you wanted to magnify a certain area in your Photoshop document you would grab the Zoom Tool, click and drag and POW that area would fill your screen. But one of the new improvements that Adobe came up with takes away this option, at least as a default option.


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Now, if you click and drag, the point your on, not the area you mark, will grow. If you move rightwards and downwards, it will grow (zoom in). And if you move Leftwards and upwards in will shrink (zoom out). For those who have been with Photoshop for a while this is annoying, but the good news is that there is a way of turning this off:

1. Select the Zoom Tool and then look at the top horizontal options bar for the tool.

2. Locate the Scrubby-Zoom check-box, it should be checked. Un-check the box, and you’re ready to go. From now on when you click and drag, you’ll select and enlarge an area.



81.2 How to Turn Off Annoying  Scrubby Zoom in Adobe Photoshop CS5


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13 Responsesto “How to Turn Off Annoying Scrubby-Zoom in Adobe Photoshop CS5”

  1. Bari says:

    Thanks. I have been using the command+space bar shortcut and defining the area to zoom into with the cursor. This to me has always been the more convenient and precise manner to zoom in, rather than clicking or choosing the zoom tool. It takes less steps to zoom in and keep working, then zooming back out without having to change tools. I can’t remember all the key shortcuts but when I use some often, they just become automatic. I never did care for the scrubby zoom.

  2. Dan Spurling says:

    Thank you!! This zoom feature has seemed so worthless to me. It’s good to know I can revert back to the tool I’m used to.

  3. TeKK says:

    Cheers mate, this was driving me crazy. The “new” method just isn’t as intuitive.

  4. Joe says:

    How do you turn off the grid lines when zooming in all the way?

  5. Brad says:

    Thanks! This has been annoying me so much!

  6. Andy D4 says:

    So grateful for this that zoom was driving me mental!

  7. Marina says:

    THANK YOU!!! I’ve been going crazy…

  8. Greer says:

    Thank you!!!

    CTL + Spacebar + marquette into area you want to zoom is great – scrubby zoom is just so unspecific: SCRUBBY is the word – like big scrubbing brush.

  9. Kartikg3 says:

    Scrubby zoom is great for use with a pen tablet, especially when you are painting

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