Indesign tip: How to Override a Master Item.

Indesign tip: How to Override a Master Item.

Master pages in Indesign are a powerful and time saving feature, understanding them will inevitably add more “beach sitting” hours to your day.

That said, understanding master pages and master items is not always that easy. In this post we talk about how to set up a master page and then override the connection of one item to the main master page.

If you’re wondering why would you want to do that, override an item on a master page, then here is one scenario: When setting up a master page for business cards, you will need a text frame/box for each person’s name, information that would change between cards. By overriding the master page for the Name box, you can enjoy the benefits of having the text frame always at the same spot, while being able to actually change names between cards. So how do you do that:

Overriding a master items requires you to:
Press Ctrl+Shift (Windows) or Command+Shift (Mac OS) and click the item. As you click you will notice that what was once un-clickable, because it would not respond, is now click-able and that you can now add/change/edit the info in it. You will also notice that if you add/change the master page, the changes will appear in the page with the overriding item. Presto! you can now override items in Adobe Indesign to you’re heart’s desire.


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