Logo Redesign Projects Gone Wrong

Logo Redesign Projects Gone Wrong

Far from us to be the authority on what is good and bad but we are going to take sides as we talk about Logo Redesign Projects, that (we perceive) have Gone Wrong.
Before we get going, we would like to give credit to the wonderful folks at Brand New, we have been following them for a long while now, and we just love their work and dedication.

Before we give some examples lets try to figure our some of the reasons a logo redesign can go wrong:

1. Decision by comity – something that has almost never brought anything good to life, most certainly not in the design world.

2. Overbearing client who thinks they know it all, especially design, but in fact do not know one bit.

3. Entrusting the project to somehow who might know design but does not know logo/identity design.

4. Not having enough money for  the project.

5. Bad, unclear, or misguided strategy.

6. Trying to be all things for all people.

So here now are some logo projects gone wrong, if you have anymore do let us know and post something in our comments area.

We start with the Pepsi redesign which is now approaching 2 years in age. The branding folks at Pepsi will forgive us I hope, but what were they thinking about? really? Here is the before an dafter:

63.1 Logo Redesign Projects Gone Wrong

63.2 Logo Redesign Projects Gone Wrong

Another poor choice in redesign was the quarkXpress logo redesign that was so bad it was pulled off the shelves just shortly after it arrived, because customers really hated it: here is a link to the Adweek article about it.

63.6 Logo Redesign Projects Gone Wrong

We continue with something more recent from the world of Aviation, the new airline that is the by-product of the merger of United and Continental airlines. It was clear form the get go that the company will be called United and the logo will be that of Continental, but as so often happens in the hours, days and weeks past a merger the new logo “evolved”. It is not that we do not like it, it is more that we are eager to see if this is the end of the process of will there be more. Keep in mind, United changed it’s looks (not the logo) several times in the past 15 years.

63.3 Logo Redesign Projects Gone Wrong

Still in the “here and now” we look now at the new logo for iTunes. It is unclear yet what will the Apple devotees say about this as time goes on, but the question that is more asked about this project is WHY? Was the old logo so bad? Did you really have something to fix here? It seems to us that the answer to both is NO! It’s not that this new one is so bad, but it’s not such improvement either. All that said, it is worth noting that this new logo is a part of a larger redesign of the icons of the entire iLife suite.

63.5 Logo Redesign Projects Gone Wrong

Another logo change that made us ponder the thinking and resoning of the move was the last iteration of the AT&T logo, or should I say at&t as is in the new logo. The work here is divided to two areas, the “globe” and the typography. One can argue that the globe may have needed a new, more high-tech, look, but what was wrong with the type? Renewing how you look is great, doing ways with something just because it’s old, well that’s just not right.

63.8 Logo Redesign Projects Gone Wrong

And finally from the “what were they thinking of” department, here is the new logo for the NBA’s Golden State Warriors. There is frankly not much to say here, the images describe the situation so much better then our words:

63.7 Logo Redesign Projects Gone Wrong

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11 Responsesto “Logo Redesign Projects Gone Wrong”

  1. I’ve disliked the Pepsi logo since it was released. Just never “got it.”

    I like the updated United logo. I think it looks more polished than the previous. Could just be that I prefer sans-serif type.

    I would have been fine with the old iTunes logo, but I don’t hate the new one.

    Indifferent on the Golden State Warriors design. I like that they went back to their old school colors though.

  2. Vince says:

    The “Golden State Worriers”? Is that an in-joke or a typo?

  3. Erin says:

    I feel the only one bad is the itunes logo.

  4. Amit Shamis says:

    It is most certainly a typo, but kinda makes you think, was this a Freudian slip of some sort? Thanks for noticing we will fix this right away

  5. Amit Shamis says:

    Thanks for sharing, I am with you on the Pepsi logo, not so sure about United, it may yet grow on me. Check out this post: http://thestockwell.com/making-art-on-airplane-tail/ and I think you will see what i mean that it may yet grow on me. See an airplane is something else all together, it’s just not the logo…

    thanks for your comment though

  6. Amit Shamis says:

    And we would not take issue with your opinion, after all we were not apart of any of these projects we don’t really know what was going on there. Thanks for your response, we appreciate it!!

  7. Jonathan says:

    I think that Pepsi is the only truly horrendous redesign. Although I was somewhat bemused by the appearance of the new iTunes icon after a recent update, I do get WHY they wanted to change it. Since CD use is declining as more people opt for downloads etc then it does make sense to get rid of an icon that may become dated soon. Also it simplifies the logo by getting rid of what is essentially an unnecessary image. Well, that’s my oppinion:) Dunno what’s wrong with the Quark change… I thought the two newer ones looked good!:S

  8. Amit Shamis says:

    Hey Jonathan, the point about the iTunes logo is great! I did not think about it until you made mention of it. Great Job!

  9. James says:

    Great point. The same exact point that Steve Jobs made when he announced the logo. =P

    It’s true though, having the CD in there doesn’t make any sense anymore. Steve was quick to point out that CD sales are declining, but what about what iTunes has become? It’s where we get our books, our apps, our movies, and TV shows now too. One day the music note will no longer be relevant. And the same will be said for the “Tunes” in “iTunes.”

    I expect another redesign in the next five years.

  10. Amit Shamis says:

    Great point! But what would they put instead of the musical note? While I agree about the CD, I am not sure the musical note is going away so soon, it’s only been around for several thousands of years :)

  11. As a general rule, a company logo has to convey, in simpleness, what a company does and stands for.

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